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Cold Filtered Coffee

Posted by Sonia Kratzmann on

Too hot for coffee? Try this.

I have found the perfect solution for getting my morning coffee quickly and without fuss on the way out the door. Not to forget, this also saves me money!

I have been making a brew on a Sunday that will last me all week. Add a few ice cubes, milk and cold water and off to work I go.


I like a ratio on 1 cup coffee grounds to 3 cups cold filtered water. You can use any coffee ground you like. Decaf, strong, Italian pre-ground or home grown.

Mix together in a jug and refrigerate for 18-20 hours, or overnight is fine to for a less intense flavour.

Strain the mix through cheese cloth or an old tea-towel if that is what you have on hand. The mix will give about 2.5 cups of strong coffee.

This is where you start to experiment with strength and flavours. Add a little vanilla, chai, sugar or what ever takes you fancy.

To drink, I dilute my mix 50-50 with cold filtered water and a splash of milk and some ice.

Don't forget in this hot weather to use your insulated coffee cup.  This will keep you cold filtered coffee cold for hours.



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