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The Easy Way To Orgainse Your Kitchen Drawer

Posted by Sonia Kratzmann on

Organising your kitchen drawer needn't be hard or stressful. Having a place for the items that usually clutter up your kitchen drawer will save you time and a little sanity. not to forget, you fingers from sharp knives too.

Here are my simple steps to de-cluttering your overrun, messy and stressful kitchen drawers.

Step 1. Find some time and space to make a mess. A clear kitchen table, a cuppa and time to complete one drawer at a time. This makes the process less stressful and may make you want to do more!

Step 2. Tip everything out, all of it. Decide quickly what to keep in the drawer, what belongs elsewhere and what needs to go in the bin or to charity. Quickly is the key here. If you have a 5 minute debate with yourself about a zester you don't really need, your wasting your time and your energy.

Step 3. When you can see what is being kept, you can then make the decision on what organiser best fits your needs and space. There are many drawer organisers to choose from. Expandable, modular, plastic, bamboo, 3 dividers or 7?

Tip. Measure the inside of the drawer before you go shopping for any new organiser. You can cut a template to take shopping with you and a general photo of the items to show the shop assistant.

Tip. When you go shopping for you new dividers don't forget to take a tape measure.

Tip. Non-slip Drawer lines will keep items where you put them and stop dividers from moving if the organiser doesn’t fit exactly.

Now stand back and admire your hard work.




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