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The Fridge To Go Insulated Lunch Bag

Posted by Sonia Kratzmann on

Fridge To Go Insulated Lunch Bag

With the days being as hot as they are, we all need to keep our lunch cool and fresh. The Fridge To Go Lunch Bag is the answer. No more soggy sandwiches or warm fruit.

The Fridge To Go Lunch Bag lets you pack ANY food for the day such as dairy, meat, fruit, etc. and because it’s cool and fresh it is more likely to be eaten and not come home! The perfect size to use with different shaped containers and fits easily inside a backpack.


The key is the slimline cooling panel that fits neatly into the built-in pouch.  The pouch prevents condensation making contact with your food while keeping the panel in place.

The Fridge To Go Bag is BPA, PVC, lead & Phthalate-free. The cooling panel is filled with non-toxic, purified salt water that will give you up to 8 hours cooling time. This will give you one toxic free lunch bag to take to the work place or school.

We have many top selling designs to choose from and don’t forget to have a spare panel ready to use in the freezer.

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