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Marcato 2700 Atlas 150 Pasta Maker Wellness Machine Made In Italy

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Marcato 2700 Atlas 150 Pasta Maker Wellness Machine

Authentic Marcato Made in Italy

The most popular machine to make fresh home-made pasta. Icon of Made in Italy Design. With Atlas 150 you can easily make lasagna, fettuccine, tagliolini.

The machine is made entirely of high quality chrome steel, processed and assembled in Italy. The smallest details of each part are designed to enhance its elegance, ensure product durability and simplicity.  

The 10-position regulating knob produces pasta sheet thicknesses from 4.8 mm, in position num 0, to 0.6 mm, in position num 9

The Atlas 150 includes a handy clamp to attach the machine to the table, and a practical handle.

  • Equipped with rollers, combs, and scrapers made of non-toxic materials to ensure absence of metal dusts
  • Comes with easy-to-handle clamp and rubber-screwed feet for stability during use
  • Designed with easy-to-grip crank for easier rolling and an adjustment knob with 10 pasta thickness settings
  • Features removable polymeric resin combs for easy cleanup
  • Anodised aluminium rollers are crafted with a rough surface to produce porous pasta that binds perfectly with your sauce and condiments
  • 13.5cm x 18cm x 11cm