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Packit Freezable Hobo Lunch Bag with Built in Gel Walls

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Packit Freezable Hobo Lunch Bag with Built in Gel Walls

New fashionable lifestyle bag is our most clever design yet. It has a roomy interior, an adjustable shoulder strap and unique folding system chills food for any occasion. Plus with its clever fold features, the bag easily collapses, wraps and clips for easy storage.

Stylish and functional, the Hobo Freezable Lunch Bag by PackIt offers serious cooling power in a handbag silhouette. Featuring PackIt’s patented cooling technology, this lunch bag chills food and drinks cool for hours-no separate ice packs needed! 

The secret is freezable gel built right into the walls of the bag. To use, simply flatten the bag and place the entire bag in the freezer overnight. In the morning, the walls of the Hobo Lunch Bag will be completely frozen and ready to chill food and drinks for hours. Because there are no extra parts, you'll never be hassling with or hunting down missing pieces. 

 This handbag-style cooler has a roomy interior and wide base so you can carry large containers and not worry about spilling in transit. The top-load design lets you quickly access food and drinks on the go while a reinforced zipper seals in cool, dry air. A reinforced, adjustable shoulder strap ensures that you are never slowed down on the go. 

  • Chills a large meal, snack and a drink for hours
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport
  • Zip closure locks in cool, dry air
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Built-in freezable gel walls
  • No ice packs needed


Open: 29cm H x 30cm W x 16.5cm D


1. Collapse and freeze overnight

2. Expand and pack

3. Enjoy fresh food for hours!