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Packit Freezable Picnic Cooler Tote with Built in Gel Walls Check

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Packit Freezable Picnic Cooler Tote with Built in Gel Walls Buffalo Check

This party essential is the best soft cooler for keeping food and drinks chilled for hours. The cooling power is built right in, so there's no need for ice packs that weigh you down. Whether you're toting tailgate supplies or picnic provisions, this outdoor cooler bag is a smarter alternative to bulky hard-sided coolers. It's the perfect travel cooler for road trips, beach days, boating and camping.

The Freezable Picnic Bag by PackIt features patented cooling technology so you can pack healthy foods such as salads, deli sandwiches, fruit and more. The secret is a freezable gel built into the walls of the bag. 

To use, fold the PackIt Freezable Picnic Bag flat and store the entire bag in the freezer overnight (12 hours for optimal performance). In the morning, the walls of the bag will be completely frozen and ready to chill food and drinks for hours. You'll never waste money on bulky gel packs or mess with leaky ice baggies again.to freeze completely for maximum performance during use. The cooling power even lasts long enough to bring home leftovers, which reduces waste and saves you money. The zip closure locks in cool, dry air and a shoulder strap is included for convenience. This soft sided reusable picnic bag is made from nontoxic poly canvas and has a food-safe, water-resistant lining. 

  • Chills food for four people or four 750ml - 1L bottles for hours
  • Dry compartment fits two sets of utensils and napkins
  • Interior elastic strap secures bottles upright
  • Zip closure locks in cool, dry air
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Built-in freezable gel walls
  • No ice packs needed


Open: 33cm H x 30cm W x 12.7cm D

Collapsed: 30cm H x 12.7cm W x 6.5cm D